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  • The easiest answer is every 6 months for standard blades or once a year for premium blades
  • Car TLC will keep track of when we replace your wiper blades.
  • Most vehicle owners wait until their current wiper blades start skipping on the windshield. This is usually when you are in the middle of a trip, vacation and don’t want to deal with it.
  • For the minimal cost of wiper blades, changing every 6 months ensures optimal working blades at all times without the hassle and inconvenience of scrambling to replace them when they go bad.

Standard vs. Beam Blades…..Which to Choose?

  • Car TLC offers both types of wiper blades and here are the differences.
  • Standard blades are the least expensive of the two and have multiple pivot points on the wiper blade frame that holds the actually wiper part.
  • Beam blades utilize the latest technology where the wiper frame is one continuous piece without any pivots.
  • There are some advantages with beam blades that I believe are worth the extra cost.
  • Beam blades resist having snow/ice freeze to them because there are no pivot points.
  • Beam blades conform to the windshield and are more effective at removing rain thus increasing visibility.
  • Beam blades last longer than conventional blades.
  • Car TLC offers Rain X brand blades